Creating Coaching Cues

The following happened a few years ago, just before I picked up roots and headed for the Sunshine State. This story is super-appropriate right now, though, as members will realize shortly...

After spending a good part of a night training players up in The MOTION Lab, our goalie coach, Todd Jacobson, and I strolled out to the parking lot, doing what we so often did:  talking the game and exchanging coaching ideas.

I found it interesting on this night that Todd and I both seemed to use  a similar technique when communicating with our players.  Not so surprisingly, we totally agreed on the fact that players don’t have time to process lots of information while they’re attempting to read and  react in a frantically played game.  But, what Todd and I have always done is use very short — probably one or two syllable words — to slightly guide our players.

The way I usually explain it is that I’ll call-out a short, unmistakable word to connect with what really is a 10-minute story, maybe even twice or three times that.  I  truly mean it.

What comes to mind immediately is a very special program I'll share with members within the next few months.  It's called my MP Drill, and it's been a favorite of some top NHL and European coaches over the years.  It involves a lot of high level tactics, that need to be executed in response to some short, unmistakable, one or two syllable words.

Got questions?  I'd like to hear them.  And any exchange down below would likely be beneficial to other members.

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